Calories in Vodka

Vodka is rated as one of the alcoholic beverages that contain low levels of calories. This means that you can stick to your diets and still have fun enjoying vodka. The good thing is that vodka contains zero carbs hence the reason many people on a diet prefer it. The calories in vodka will only increase when the beverage is mixed with sugary mixers. This article will help you understand the level of calories in different brands of vodka.

Smirnoff Vodka

Vodka contains low percentages of calories. This makes the drink, including Smirnoff, suitable for those who do not want to gain weight.  Vodka calories per shot are determined by ounces and proof. 1.5-ounces of 80-proof Smirnoff vodka contain only 96 calories. This is one reason to include Smirnoff in your diet plan. Remember, this drink has no carbs and therefore favors individuals who are watching their weights.

Ketel One Botanical

This is one of the vodka brands with the lowest calorie count compared to other vodka brands. The drink comes in three flavors; it is ready to drink so that you can include it in your diet. When other regular vodkas contain about 96 calories, Ketel one Botanical contains only 73 calories per 1.5 ounces. Since the drink comes in flavors, the company advises users not to add sugary beverages as they have their unique taste. The drink is 30 percent alcohol but still hard liquor. Its low alcohol content attracts a lot of drinkers.

Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc vodka is one of the vodkas with a high-calorie count. But still, it contains fewer calories compared to beer and wine. 1.5-ounces of Ciroc vodka contain 97 calories count. This means if you want to reduce the calorie intake when taking this drink, you have to keep the alcohol consumption low and mix it with non-sugar beverages. The flavors of Ciroc vodka have varying levels of calories, and therefore, calorie intake will depend on the flavor of your choice. Coconut flavor has 94 calories, while berry flavor has 91 calories.

As you can see, vodka is a great alcoholic option if you are on a diet and you still want to drink.  Please enjoy this low calorie option in moderation.


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