In spite of the supposed allure and coolness factor associated with the saying, “Live fast, die young”, the truth is that nobody wants to die at a young age. We all want to live happily ever after, but living a long, healthy and happy life is not something that happens by accident; this is a result of design.

Live Healthy, Die Old

Diet and physical activity level are two of the main factors that influence our quality of life. Today we will discuss diet…specifically, the effects of a low calorie diet on longevity. There are several reasons to eat a diet that is low in calories; here are four of them.

1. Weight Management

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial in a variety of ways. First of all, self-confidence is restored, and this can have an across-the-board improvement in the quality of life and the degree of stress that we experience daily. Mobility is also improved, which further opens the door to activities that were previously unrealistic. Improved self-image can also have a positive effect a person’s career and social life.

2. Healthy Digestive System

A diet that is high in calories puts a constant strain on the digestive system. Large quantities of meat and other calorically dense foods (which are common in Western nations today) tend to bog down the whole system, causing energy levels to plummet while blood is pulled from all over the body and redirected to the digestive track to aid in breaking down those foods.

A diet that is lower in calories, however, tends to be higher in fiber and water, which help to keep the digestive system humming along beautifully and keep energy levels consistent and balanced. This is how the human body is meant to operate.

3. Nutrient Density

A third benefit of a low calorie diet is that – ironically – less calories typically means more nutrients. People on a low calorie diet have to eat something, so they trade in the fast food and calorically dense, processed food (all of which are notoriously low on nutrients) and fill up on low calorie foods like fresh fruits and vegetables…all of which are packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

4. Disease Resistance

Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer…all of these are more prevalent in affluent societies where calories are regularly consumed in excess. Reducing the amount of calories in your diet reduces the strain on your digestive system and increases the amount of nutrients in your body, contributing to lower incidents of these chronic diseases.

If we’re going to live on to a ripe, old age, then we’re going to have to take steps now to get us there in style. Medical science can keep an unhealthy body alive for years – decades even – but how much better will it be to hold on to our health, mobility and energy the natural way! A low calorie diet plays a big role in that process.

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