Choosing a diet must be performed with much attention, because some promise more than can offer. Registration in a lessening program can be useful for people who do not manage to loos weight on their own. These diets presents a number of advantages – some offering psychological support, professional support, planning meals and the number of calories consumed.

So, how can one distinguish a diet efficient inadequate? The questions below constitutes a starting point in determining the effectiveness of diets:

  • What promises diet? If a system of lessening a lessening considerable promise in a short time, probably is not reliable.
  • Diet encourages a balanced diet? Maintaining a balanced food to include all categories of foods is essential for any diet. Do not increde in diets that place an emphasis on the type of food to the detriment of others (for example, diet hiperproteic).
  • Diet encourages movement? Physical activity is key to a healthy life, but secrecy and weight loss. Diet learn what you need to do elections in supply? You can not respect a system of lessening the rest of his life, and after him, should you keep the weight gained. For example, programs that promote proprille their food, do not learn what products to choose when doing shopping, or gatesti lunch at the restaurant.
  • Diet is adjusted to your needs? Before adopting a diet, think you are the reasons you want to determine slabesti.
  • Diet encourages taking pastilelor of weakly? Medicines are recommended for lessening only people who suffer from obesity (IMC have a greater than 30) who have not succeeded loos weight by changing the style of life. Medicines anti-obesity should be administered only by a doctor who knows the patient’s medical history.
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