Women’s diets during pregnancy

Diet in 2nd months of pregnancy
Body of baby is in full training, calcium jucand this month an important role for the harmonious development and health. Calciul encourages the formation of baby teeth and bones, prevents the risk of hypertension and post-partum depression in the future mother. So, is the most appropriate moment to restore the reserve calcium.

Foods rich in calcium are dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt). Fruits, dried vegetables (lentils, peas, beans) or fresh (spinach, cabbage). In general the more efficient use of calcium than milk products of vegetable origin.

Diet in 3rd months of pregnancy
The pregnant woman must have energy for the harmonious development of your baby-lipids successfully fulfil this role. Baby needs become bigger, but that does not mean that we should “eat for two”. Lipides play an important role in the development of cerebral baby’s and even intervene in the manufacture of nerve tissues. Havea lot of foods rich in essential fatty fat.

Foods with high fat content are: butter, sour cream, oils (rape, soya, sunflower seeds, olives), fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, mackerel, sardines).

Diet in pregnancy 4th months
Baby developes, and the quantity of blood or body is growing. Starting this month the need to iron becomes more important. So, should grow up quantity of food containing iron. Iron is a precious ally: reduce the risk of anemia, fatigue, but also that of premature birth. To keep in mind that iron animal is much better assimilated than the plant.
Foods rich in iron: organs (liver, kidney), red meat (heat-prepared to avoid the risk of toxoplasmoze), dried vegetables, legumes (lentils, peas, beans), green vegetables (spinach), egg yolk.

Diet in 5th months of pregnancy
At this stage of pregnancy, will gradually but surely rounded, and her baby take advantage of all the nutrients we sure. Continuing, integrating essential elements: vitamins, calcium, glucidele, lipids and proteins. Glucides fast or slow contribute to the formation of baby tissues and we bring all the energy that you need to compensate for fatigue provocate by pregnancy.

Carbohydrate-rich foods: sugar, cereals, dried vegetables, rice, pasta, potatoes, naut, lentils.

Diet in pregnancy 6th months
With the increasing baby, stomach and intestins are compressed and you have difficulties in supply. Our advice is to take meals and frequent small quantity, eat slowly and make frequent rides to ease digestia.

With the help of a balanced diet, her baby managed to make reservations for creating and renew cells. This is due in large part protein, known as “caramizile life” because of their importance in developing baby. Animal protein provides eight amino acids essential to the body, which he is unable to produce them. Instead, plant proteins have a lower nutritional value, and where the need to link the two types of proteins.
Most foods rich in protein: meat, fish, eggs, milk products.

Diet in pregnancy 7th months
With the entry in the 3rd quarter, May you feel tired and your movements become increasingly difficult. It is time to put your emphasis more on vitamins. Your doctor may prescribe some supplements of vitamins, but what is more balanced diet, so your needs are met more easily. Drink a glass of milk is the best method to cover the needs of vitamin B 2 and B 12.

Most foods rich in vitamins:

A: Milk full, eggs, liver, fish, green vegetables, carrots, oranges

B: Grain full of green vegetables, meat, fish and eggs

C: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

D: Oil cod liver, fatty fish, eggs and butter

E: Vegetable oils, spinach and cabbage

Diet in pregnancy 8th months
At this stage of pregnancy, her baby occupying more and more space, presand blood vessels of the digestive system, which can cause a constipation. Hence the importance and fibres. To prevent this phenomenon, drink much water or fruit juice, milk or tea, an average of one litre and a half per day and physical exercises before: rides, natatie gym or easy. But of course, use the fibre-rich foods. With their help you can eat more for the same caloric intake.
Foods rich in fiber: cereal products based on grain, fruit and vegetables, potatoes (boiled in the shell), bread.

Diet in 9th months of pregnancy
No food does not provide all the nutrients for this reason many have to eat a little of everything. So, your diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins, minerals, calcium and fiber. Take advantage of these ago, because they are the most complete supply. Beby is already formed, but at the moment of birth should come on luma in the best conditions. Continuing to the three main meals and two snaks, avoiding snaking between meals and products too sweet.

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